Pro Kolej Foundation


Pro Kolej Foundation was founded in 2013 by five rail carriers, most of them international –
i.e. companies which are significant for the development of the Polish rail market, which compete fiercely with one other on a daily basis. They wanted to jointly voice their opinions on the subject that unites them – the future of rail.

From the very beginning, the goal of the Foundation was to increase the possibilities of development of rail transportation, protection of rights of rail customers and users as well as presentation of sector potential and needs. Today, the organisation acts for the improvement of the image of Polish rail, transparency of the conditions of its functioning, support of development and increasing operations safety as well as investments in the sector. It also emphasises the importance of modernisation of the rolling stock, infrastructure and the quality of law that regulates the activity of rail enterprises.

Seeking the best solutions and examples of good practices, it often refers to foreign experience but on the other hand the Foundation monitors the changes that affect rail – on the national and European scale. It is also an active participant of the public debate on the future of rail and the entire transport sector. It is one of the opinion-forming centres which is most often quoted when it comes to rail issues, it is a reviewer of changes and achievements of the administration and rail enterprises.

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