Willi Hüsler


  • Born in Zurich (Switzerland) the 1st of July 1945, living in Zurich, bureau in Zurich.
  • Ing. ETH, specialized in traffic planning.
  • Member of the Swiss association of traffic planners (SVI).


1991                   Founder of the company IBV W. Hüsler AG, engineering bureau for traffic planning with a staff of 8 people at the moment.

1992-2013         Delegate of the Swiss government for the European research coordination regarding COST-domain Transport and Urban Development (TUD).

1979-91             Leading function in the planning company Metron Verkehrsplanung AG, Windisch.

1971-78             Research as a scientific associate at ETH Zürich (Institute for city, regional and national planning ORL)


Academic training

1971           Graduated engineer Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), diploma thesis in traffic planning.



Teaching at universities


2003-2018     Contract professor for infrastructure and mobility at the faculty of architecture and urban studies at the University Sassari (I). Now visiting professor.


1994-2014     Multiple periods of teaching at the University of Venice (Institute of architecture, IAUV) as Prof. chiara fama “traffic planning”.






Scientifical research


Willi Hüsler was taking part in a number of national and international research projects:


Environmental aspects of traffic:

1987                Reduction of environmental impact using technical and organizational measures. Federal department of traffic and energy and association of Swiss traffic engineers SVI.

1989                Reduction of space consumption for transportation (National research program concerning land use PNR 22)

1994                Travel slower and more fluently – the consequences of scenarios with lower travel velocities and their relative impact. (National research program – City and transport PNR 25)

2006-2008     COST C23 “Strategies for low carbon urban built environment”


From pedestrians to big infrastructures:

1996-2001     COST C6       “Town and Infrastructure Planning for Safety and Urban Quality for Pedestrians”. Internationales Projekt (12 Länder), chairman W. Hüsler

1999-2004     PROMPT        “New Means to Promote Pedestrian Traffic in Cities”. EC Founded Research Project (FP5). Koordination für die Schweiz: W. Hüsler (Anteil IBV CHF 430’000)

1999-2004     COST C8       “Important infrastructures and city quality “. International projects (15 countries). Coordination for Switzerland: W. Hüsler



Membership in expert juries for competitions and test plannings


1990                Sursee (CH): urban remodeling of the historic city centre

1991                Sursee (CH): Train station and space in front of the station

1992                Gümligen (CH): Train station and space in front of the station

1995                Lemgo (D): Marketing city bus

1997                Bergisch-Gladbach (D): Marketing city bus

1997                Frauenfeld (CH): Marketing city bus

2001                Brunico (I): Train station (mobility center)

2001                Bonn (D): Bertha von Suttner Place

2004                Lugano (CH): Development and extension Nord-Cornaredo

2005                Zürich (CH): Train station Hardbrücke and surroundings

2006                Lugano (CH): Centro intermodale and Villa Negroni in Vezia

2006               Zürich (CH): Center Oerlikon and space in front of the station

2007                Bregenz (A): New concept for the traffic planning

2007                Winterthur (CH): Reorganization of the axis “Zürcherstrasse” for a better city standard

2007                Lugano (CH): Pian Scairolo “international competition for urban visions”

2009                Zürich (CH): Schwamendingen, integrated development

2010                Zürich (CH): Train station Hardbrücke, modelling of the node

2013                Herisau (CH): Space in front of station and street network

2014                Laufen (CH): New bridge and street network

2016               Donaueschingen (D): Design city bus

2017                Zürich (CH) ETH: Reorganisation building and mensa (Expert)

2017                Zürich (CH): ETH Parking (Expert)

2018                Opfikon Zürich (CH): Meet multifunctional center

2019                Döttingen (CH): Area development (FPRE)



Expert for national studies


1992                Deutscher Bundestag Bonn (national parlament) Enquête-Kommission “Preventive measures to protect the earth atmosphere” W. Hüsler, expert consultant and editor of a number of specific studies.

1997                Parlamentary testing of the high speed train project Napoli-Milano (ministry for transport and environment). Expert for network operating plan and other aspects.

2000                Parlamentary testing of the high speed train project Torino-Venezia (ministry for transport and environment). Expert for network operating plan and other aspects.


International projects

2002                Organization of the alpine provinces and cantons and regions from Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Germany and Slovenia: Traffic plan for ARGE Alp (consulting and coordination).

2005-2006     Feasibility study (with coordination) of a railway connection between the Unterengadin (Canton of Graubünden) and the Vinschgau (Region Südtirol).



Consulting and planning for the following municipalities, provinces and countries


Switzerland:        Cities: Aarau, Basel, Brig, Brugg, Burgdorf, Dübendorf, Eglisau, Frauenfeld, Geneva, Gstaad, Herisau, Küsnacht, Lugano, Lucerne, Nyon, Regensdorf, St. Moritz, Sursee, Uster, Wetzikon, Winterthur, Yverdon-les-Bains, Zurich

Cantons: Basel Stadt und Land, Graubünden, Lucerne, Zurich


Germany:             Cities: Aachen (Nordraum), Bergisch Gladbach, Berlin, Bonn, Donaueschingen, Essen, Hanau, Köln, Leipzig, Lemgo, Lindau, Oerlinghausen, Remseck, Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Witten

Federal lands: Nordrhein Westfalen, Sachsen-Anhalt


Italy:                      Cities: Alghero, Arezzo, Biella, Bologna, Bozen, Carbonia, Carpi, Como,

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Finale Ligure, Genova, Gorizia, Modena, Napoli, Ora(Auer), Padova,

Palermo, Parma, St. Ulrich/Ortisei, Siena, Alpe di Siusi, Torino, Trento, Vittorio Veneto

Provinz: Bologna, Bozen, Cagliari, Cusio, Napoli, Ossola, Padova,

Palermo, Parma, Sassari

Regions: Veneto, Süd-Tirol, Trentino


Austria:                 Cities: Bregenz, Graz, Linz, Wien, Gmunden

Federal lands: Steiermark, Oberosterreich, Voralberg


Great Britt.:         City: Milton Keynes

France:                 City: Sélestat, Angèrs, Sévran (Paris)

Portugal:              City: Porto

Slovenia:              City: Ljubljana, Nova Gorica

USA:                      City: Portland, Maine

Kenia:                   City: Nairobi

Uganda:               City: Kampala



Consulting for big investors


  • Swiss Federal Institute for Technology ETH (CH)
  • Swiss Federal Railways SBB (CH)
  • Zurich Traffic Agency ZVV (CH)
  • Swiss Television SRF (CH)
  • Credit Suisse, CS real estate (CH)
  • Zurich Insurance (CH)
  • Zürcher Freilager AG ZF real estate (CH)
  • Migros supermarket chain (CH)
  • Coop supermarket chain (CH)
  • Agenzia della mobilità di Torino ATM (I)



Consultation and member of scientifical advisory board for big cities and metropolitan areas:


2001 – 2002 Berlin (D) Member of the „Wissenschaftlicher Beirat“ of the transport

development plan (STEP Verkehr) and other projects as consultant


1998 – 2000 Roma (I) Member of the „Comitato Scientifico“ of the transport development

plan (PUM) and other projects as consultant


2009 – 2012 Torino (I) Project „Rete Forte 2012“

Development integrated of network strategic concerning, tramway, metro, commuter railway and bus as well as organisation of the interface stations


2000 Porto (P) Verification and improvement of tramway network and transfer of

technical know-how and supervision




Napoli (I) New tramway system

Development of the tramway network and reportable consultation

of different tramway projects in Napoli and metropolitan area


2005 Munich (D) Optimizing of the city tramway network taking in consideration not

only the aspect of transport but as well the aspect of urban quality

and design of public space for “Stadtwerke München MVG”


2010 Nairobi (EAK) Urban development and transport strategy in large slum areas and

interaction of these areas based on partly existing railway

infrastructures. Studies financed by SDI (together with the

architects Aaron Wegmann and Luigi Snozzi)


2011 Kampala (EAU) Urban development and transport strategy for the fast growing city. Financed by Ministry of Housing and SDI (together with the architects Aaron

Wegmann and Luigi Snozzi)


2013 Vienna (A) External expert in coordination group for the development strategy of public transport network (metro, tramway, commuter railway) for Vienna


199x-2016 Zurich (CH)

(greater area)

Different consultation concerning the development of rail network

in the greater area Zurich for the Zurich transport authority

“Zürcher Verkehrsverbund ZVV”

Economic evaluation of transport system

Definition of supplied modules

Evaluation of possible links and definition of priority

Definition of strategic approach

Calibration and design of important interface stations


2014-2019 Sévran (F)

(greater Paris)

Development of strategy and plan concerning land use and

transport together with urbanists. Important aspects to point

out: Public transport and road network cycling, walking and parking.

Part of the project of “Grand Paris Express”.


2006-2019 Graz (A)


Assessment of transportsystem projects and development of

Tramway-Networks as well of the transportnetworks of the

metropolitan area of Graz. Suburban-train and -bus. Based on

cost benefit analyses.

Werner Huber

Werner Huber (born 1964 in Zurich) studied architecture at the ETH Zurich from 1985 to 1991. From 1992 to 1994 he lived in Moscow, where he reported on the urban development of the city for Swiss and Dutch newspapers and magazines. After his return to Switzerland he was an assistant at the Department of Architecture of the ETH Zurich. He then worked in a local architecture practice and wrote articles for various publications. Since 2001, he is editor at “Hochparterre”, the renowned Swiss magazine for architecture and design, since June 2019 he is a Member of the Executive Board. Since his first visit in 1986, he is a regular visitor of Warsaw. He developed his knowledge of socialist realism and modernism as an important basis for the classification of Polish architecture in the political and social context. He often guides groups interested in architecture around the Polish capital. In 2005 he published a guide to the urban history of Warsaw: “Warsaw – phoenix from the ashes” and in 2015 an architectural city Guide “Warsaw”, both in German.


Mateusz Gilewski

Manager, entrepreneur, social activist. In the past, a director at the Warsaw Enterprise Institute and a board member of the Agenda Polska Association. A graduate of the National Defense University in Warsaw and the Poznań University of Economics and Business. For many years associated with the non-governmental organizations sector. Former president of the KoLiber Association in Poznań. Co-organizer and coordinator of the national educational project Economic Lessons for the Youth.

Jakub Crhonek

Jakub Crhonek is a graduate of the Wharton School in Philadelphia and Columbia University in New York. Jakub started his career at Credit Suisse First Boston in Palo Alto, Citadel Investment Group in San Francisco and LGT Capital Partners in the Zurich area. Jakub founded Clearsight in 2008 and grew the private equity company to over EUR 800 million under management and continues to serve as the CEO. Jakub is a Czech and Swiss citizen.

Michał Beim PhD

Michał Beim PhD, assistant professor at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań.


A graduate of spatial planning at AMU. A scholarship holder of the Alexander von Humboldt at the Institute for Mobility and Transport at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. 2014-2016 and again from 2020, a member of the Main Urban Planning and Architecture Commission. In 2016-2017, a member of the board of the Polish State Railways. Author or co-author of over 80 scientific publications and several dozen opinion articles in the daily or trade press. He examines the relationship between spatial planning and transport policy. Since 2009, an expert at the Sobieski Institute in Warsaw.

Jacek Bartosiak PhD

Author of best-selling books, including “Pacyfik i Eurazja. O Wojnie” (Pacific and Eurasia. On War” (2016), which focuses on the ongoing great power competition in Eurasia and the possible war in the Western Pacific, as well as – ”Rzeczpospolita między Lądem a Morzem. O wojnie i pokoju.” (Poland and Intermarium between the Land and the Sea Powers – (2018), which deals with the geostrategic reality Poland and Europe face in the era of great power competition, and is an in-depth study of the Central Eastern European theatre of war and modern warfare.

A Senior Fellow at the Potomac Foundation in Washington DC, Director of Wargaming & Simulations Program at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, co-founder of PlayofBattle – a wargaming and simulation games studio. Jacek is also a contributor at Nowa Konfederacja, and at New Generation Warfare Center in Washington DC. Dr. Bartosiak is a former (2018–2019) CEO of Solidarity Transport Hub – the largest infrastructure project in Poland’s history; and an advisor to the Government plenipotentiary for the Solidarity Transport Hub (2017–2018). Jacek is a graduate of the Law and Public Administration Faculty of Warsaw University and an attorney, specializing in corporate, business and financial law and Managing Partner of Warsaw based law office since 2004.

As a renowned expert on geopolitics, Jacek has been a leading voice in the debate on the strategic reality of Central Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Western Pacific, factors affecting the geopolitical realities, and has participated in countless conferences and speaking engagements in Poland and worldwide.

Mariusz Banaszuk

Since 2015 founder and CEO of Value Quest (“VQ”) a private equity fund investing in turnaround and growth companies in Poland. VQ has been sponsored by Clearsight Investments AG a Swiss FOF. Formerly, Managing Partner and CEO in Warsaw Equity Management (“WEM”) a Polish private equity fund investing in SMEs. Mr. Banaszuk worked in corporate finance of ING Barings and Price Waterhouse in Poland and in the USA advising on M&A and finance rising. Mariusz Banaszuk is a graduate of Warsaw School of Economics (“SGH”) and a Polish citizen.

David Aloia

David Aloia – is 56 years old, joined Hupac in April 2019 as Vice President of Landbridge China and was appointed Managing Director of Shuttle North East in July 2020.
His experience in intermodal transport began in the early 1990s, where, as a freight forwarder, he built several connections with various rail operators in Europe and then CSI, directly to China. In 2013, at DHL, he began a new OROB adventure which led him to join the Hupac Group to develop intermodal transport.
Currently he is involved in the development of terminals in Poland to develop, all possible connections from Western Europe in this direction.

Doris Leuthard

Doris Leuthard graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Zurich and was then admitted to the bar. Between 2006 and 2018 Doris Leuthard was a member of the Swiss Federal Council, where she headed the Federal Department for the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) for eight years. In 2010 and 2017, Doris Leuthard was also President of the Swiss Confederation. She has been involved in various mandates since leaving the Federal Council. Among other things, she is a member of the Board of Directors of Stadler Group, a solution provider for rail transport. In addition, she is the jury president for the environmental award of the economy and a member of the foundation board of the ETH Foundation. The foundation supports research and teaching at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Stanisław Lamczyk

Stanisław Lamczyk was born on August 12, 1957 in Brusy. Currently, Senator of the Republic of Poland for the 10th term. He was a member of the Sejm of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 7th terms of office.

The Senator is a member of the National and Innovation Committee, vice-chairman of the Infrastructure Committee, a member of the Extraordinary Committee on Climate Affairs.

In 1984 he graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Higher School of Engineering in Koszalin. In 2002, he completed postgraduate studies at the University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Organization and Management. In 2010, he obtained a PhD in humanities at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, defending his doctoral dissertation “Policy of Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises”. In 1987-1990 he worked at the Agricultural Production Cooperative “Radunia” in Somonino, then from 1990 to 2005 he was the president of the production and service company “IZOBUD”. From 1998 to 2002, he was a councilor of the Somonino commune, then he was a member of the Kartuzy poviat council for three years.